Commerce Server Product Support Lifecycle Policy

  1. The Policy will offer a minimum of 3 years of support for Commerce Server products. Mainstream Support for Commerce Server will be provided for 3 years from the release date of each major software version. will also provide Extended Support for the 3 years following Mainstream support. In addition, Commerce Server products will receive at least 10 years of online self-help support.
    The software version applicable to this support policy is the build number of the software, not any public name that may be applied to any given build. The version numbers are as follows:
    major versions are indicated by integer revisions, minor releases by fraction revisions, so for example Commerce Server 10.1 would be major revision 10, minor revision 10.1.
    Customers with an active subscription are entitled to receive all new versions, major and minor along with any hotfixes and security updates that may be released at the discretion of Ascentium. All builds will have one of three statuses, Mandatory, Recommended or Optional. will maintain compatibility with required third party software, including but not limited to Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and that compatibility will be focused on major releases, although may at its sole discretion release compatibility fixes with minor software releases.
  2. Does this policy affect U.S. customers only, or is this policy global?
    The Commerce Server Support Lifecycle policy is a worldwide policy.
  3. What is the difference between Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and online self-help support?
Support provided Mainstream Extended Online
Paid support (per-incident, per hour, and others) Yes Yes No
Security update support Yes Yes No
Non-security hotfix support Yes Paid No
Warranty claims Yes No No
Design changes and feature requests Yes No No
Product-specific information that is available by using the online Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
Product-specific information that is available by using the Support site to find answers to technical questions Yes Yes Yes

Note: A hotfix is a modification to the commercially available product software code to address specific critical problems.

  1. Will offer support beyond the Extended Support phase? may offer, at its sole discretion, custom support relationships that go beyond the Extended Support phase. These custom support relationships may include assisted support and hotfix support, and may extend beyond 6 years from the date a product becomes generally available. partners may also offer support beyond the Extended Support phase. Customers and partners can contact for more information.
  2. If I have multiple Microsoft & products do they all share the same support lifecycle timelines?
    Although they may be part of the same customer solution, the Microsoft products are covered by the terms of the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy which will have different lifecycle timelines. Therefore, it is important to verify the exact product support dates for all of your products. For Microsoft products, visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site.
  3. Who can receive support in the Extended Support phase?
    Extended Support will be available to all customers. Extended Support includes paid support (support that is charged on an hourly basis or per incident), security update support at no additional cost, and paid hotfix support. To receive hotfix support, a support contract must be purchased within the first 90 days following the end of the Mainstream Support phase. Ascentium will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, or new features during the Extended Support phase.
  4. What is the Security Update policy?
    Security updates will be available through the end of the Extended Support phase (three years of Mainstream Support plus three years of the Extended Support) at no additional cost. Security updates will be posted on the Support Web site during both the Mainstream and the Extended Support phase.
  5. Is a Support contract required for customers to receive security updates?
    No. Any customer can report a security issue to and we will review the issue. If a security update is created, it will be made available to customers as described earlier.