Become a Partner

We are fully committed to building a robust partner ecosystem around Commerce Server and views partners as the primary channel for driving product adoption and obtaining meaningful feedback. As an organization, is committed to ensuring that partners can earn a healthy living basing their business on Commerce Server and looks forward to having frequent, open dialog with all current and would-be implementers of the technology to take the business forward together.

Partners will receive (amongst other benefits):

  • Developer license software for all current releases
  • Reseller/revenue share for selling software licenses
  • Access to pre-release software (partners are viewed as the primary means of validating future technologies prior to release - and using this as a mechanism for ramping on future versions to be ready day-of-release)
  • Ability to provide product feedback
  • Yearly free support incident allowance
  • Discounted support services and the ability to white-label/resell our professional services expertise
  • Co-marketing opportunities based upon customer evidence

How will partners get business from
We will market and showcase all reference-able partner work broadly as part of our global product marketing strategy. We are also exploring the establishment of a market-place for partner-developed tools and add-ons to the Commerce Server platform, enabling partners to promote their products to the entire Commerce Server ecosystem.

How do I get engaged?
Please contact us by phone or using our contact form. We are looking for both new and seasoned Commerce Server professionals to help us serve the worldwide market for a Microsoft-based e-commerce solution.